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Frozen Pipe Repair Services

Water damage does not occur when a pipe freezes, it will burst upon freezing, a pipe does not burst after it has thawed out, it burst when it freezes so basically the damage to the pipe is already done.

If you suspect a water pipe is frozen, turn off the water where the main line enters your home. Of course, this advice usually only applies to areas in which temperatures have dropped near or below freezing 32 F. As a general rule, temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit put water in pipes at risk for freezing. However, once the wind chill is factored in, water pipes could potentially freeze above the 20 degree Fahrenheit mark.

A burst water pipe can send hundreds of gallons of water every minute, resulting in serious damage such as ceilings collapsing, wood floors buckled, carpet damage, furniture warp and mold build up However, to prevent any water damage that will occur when the frozen pipe thaws out, it is best to call us, we will have a plumber at your home immediately to turn off the water main, defrost your frozen pipes and assess the damage to your water piping throughout your home, thereby preventing the water from damaging your home.

24 Hour Emergency Frozen Pipe Repairs

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Defrost Frozen Pipes


frozen pipe repair services

Frozen Pipe Burst Repairs


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Water Freezes at 32 Degrees