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Air Conditioner Compressor Services

If your Air Conditioner has stopped working, the problem might be that the compressor has gone bad. Many Air Conditioner repairmen will push for replacing a faulty compressor, but we will not replace your compressor unless it is absolutely necessary. We are more committed to giving the customer what they need than selling them what would make us the most money.

When your Air Compressor goes, this can often result in a need to replace your existing parts, and in some of these cases it may just be more cost effective to go ahead and replace your entire unit. This work and expense involve in unit replacement can be cost prohibitive to many of our customers and can be prevented if you have the assistance of an experienced air conditioning technician. Due to strict EPA regulations, equipment required, and complexity of the work, many air conditioning contractors will shy away from doing actual air conditioner compressor repair. We do not and will do our best to repair your compressor as cost-effectively as possible. Should your compressor be irreparable we will work with you to choose the best option for your budget and needs. Our mission is to provide the best air conditioner service and repairs to our customers throughout the entire New York City Region.

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